MLB Network Makes Unique Comparison for Alex Cora’s Red Sox

MLB Network Makes Unique Comparison for Alex Cora’s Red Sox

Seafood restaurant?



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The Boston Red Sox are heading into the All-Star break with momentum after moving 10 games above . 500 with a win over the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday.

Alex Cora continues to get the most out of a young Red Sox roster, earning praise from MLB Network analyst Mark DeRosa.

“Great managers can change their philosophies depending on how their staff adapts,” DeRosa said. “MLB Center” “They had moments early in the season where their starting rotation carried them and they hit a bunch of home runs. Then they went through a stretch where they couldn’t catch a ground ball. It must have eaten into his soul. But he stayed with them and kept them running out there. Now, they’re stealing the bags and playing a little more exciting style of play.”

DeRosa often comes up with the most creative explanations to describe the game, so of course he had something on his hands for the Red Sox’s recent hot streak.

“If you’re going to Boston, where are you going to eat?” DeRosa offered. “Boston specialty food. Maybe Alex Cora’s opening a seafood restaurant. That’s what I’d go to.”

Beyond the Red Sox comparisons (pun intended), DeRosa associated Jarren Duran with clam chowder, Tanner Houck and Kutter Crawford with oysters and mussels, baked beans with Connor Wong, baked cod with Kenley Jansen, Tyler O’Neill with lobster, Rafael Devers with casserole and, most recently, Ceddanne Rafaela with Boston cream pie.

Did you understand all of this?

Boston has five games to play before halftime, and the Red Sox look to continue their surge.

“Pay attention Red Sox,” DeRosa added.

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