Early reviews of Twisters have called the Glen Powell film an emotional thrill ride, critics say

Early reviews of Twisters have called the Glen Powell film an emotional thrill ride, critics say

The first reviews for Twisters, starring Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones, have been released, with critics largely enjoying the film. The film is a remake of the original Twister (1996), starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

Entertainment Weekly called it a summer hit and said, “A producer puts all the elements together — director, script, actors, marketing — and then it either flies or fizzles. It remains to be seen how much it will do at the box office, but I’m happy to say that as a movie, Twisters is as good as summer movies get.”

Variety wrote in its review, “Twister was dazzling at the time because we had never seen anything like it on the big screen before. When I looked at the tornadoes in Twisters, I felt like I had seen something exactly like them — and as far as footage of real tornadoes goes, I had seen something even more incredible. Twisters is a movie where, while it has its fun parts, reality eventually dampens most of its storms.”

Collider heaped praise on the film’s central performances, saying, “Twisters offers strong visuals, memorable set pieces, and impressive scale, along with stellar character work from an extraordinarily talented and charismatic cast. It’s an effective and well-paced narrative, but there are some missteps and subtle character inconsistencies that diminish its full potential. At its core, though, Twisters is an emotional, charismatic thrill ride that showcases both the scale of the threat and the courage it takes to confront it, and it’s anchored by a number of excellent central performances.”

But the BBC seems unimpressed, saying: “There aren’t many twists and turns in Twisters. Twenty-eight years after the release of Jan de Bont’s Twister, Hollywood moguls have decided the lucrative intellectual property deserves another look, but they haven’t done anything surprising with it.”

Twisters hits theaters on July 19th.

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Jul 11, 2024