Idris Elba releases new song to celebrate Grey Goose release

Idris Elba releases new song to celebrate Grey Goose release

British actor and rapper Idris Elba has released a new track called Pushing On as part of his collaboration with Bacardi-owned vodka brand Grey Goose.

Credit: Marco Bahler

The Luther To celebrate the brand’s new Altius Vodka, the star released a track “inspired by the rare natural luxuries of the French Alps,” according to a Grey Goose press release.

Bacardi-owned vodka brand Grey Goose has launched its new ultra-premium Altius vodka for bars and venues this summer.

Altius is made using Alpine spring water and winter wheat from Picardie. The vodka is blended and filtered at -24°C. Each Atlius bottle is hand-bottled and individually numbered.

The product will be available in 700ml and 1.75l bottles in bars and venues in Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint Tropez and Porto Cervo, as well as London, Paris and Dubai, and will also be available in the US this fall.

“As a quintessentially French vodka, it was an obvious choice for us to draw inspiration for our next great innovation from one of the country’s most admired worldly wonders,” said GREY GOOSE Head Distiller Francois Thibault. “For Altius, we worked to develop a liquid with processes reminiscent of the rare phenomena that naturally occur in the high altitude temperatures of the Alps to bottle the awe-inspiring glacial smoothness of the mountains.”

In addition to releasing new music, Idris recorded a short film where the actor, producer, and DJ shares his creative process and inspiration behind the track. “I throw everything into my music, refining it and tweaking it until it’s just right. I get that same feeling with Grey Goose Altius. The dedication, the attention to detail — it’s about the craft in every drop, which is exactly what you want when you’re celebrating something real,” he said of the new Grey Goose release.

Elba celebrated the vodka’s launch at a party in Ibiza earlier this summer, performing a DJ set for attendees at a private villa on one of the island’s highest hills.

The British actor, best known for his role as Stringer Bell in US crime drama The Wire, has been in the drinks industry for several years. Elba famously entered the wine sector in 2020 when he partnered with two French estates on his own brand, Porte Noire.

A year later it announced it would open its first wine bar, also under the Porte Noire brand, in London in 2021. However, the business faced staff shortage challenges in 2022 and plans to open in Battersea were cancelled.