Kick Streamer Fousey slapped live in middle of parking lot

Kick Streamer Fousey slapped live in middle of parking lot

Content creator Yousef Saleh Erakat (Fousey) found himself in a scary situation this week (July 9) when he was suddenly surrounded by police while live streaming in a parking lot.

To his and his viewers’ great surprise, Kick was met with a swatting attack from the streamer and YouTuber.

This is where a fake call is made to emergency services with the aim of getting a large number of armed officers sent to a specific address. Multiple content creators have been hacked over the past few years.

During her stream, a crowd of police officers appear behind Fousey’s car. When she notices this, starts her car and is ready to leave, she is startled and rolls down her window after hearing them yelling at her.

Officers can even be heard threatening to shoot him if he does not comply, with one saying: “Put your hands up. If you reach for anything you will be shot.”

The broadcaster complied with the instruction and put his hands out the window, announcing that a dog was sitting on his lap; he also showed that he was not holding anything in his hands.

After police inspected the vehicle and spoke with the YouTuber, the YouTuber was cleared to return to live streaming.

Broadcasters are constantly being targeted due to viewers making fake calls

The 34-year-old has been attacked several times before during his 24/7 broadcast marathon, and was also asked to leave a restaurant after receiving a bomb threat from a hoax caller.

He’s not the only one who’s had this frustrating experience; other content creators have gotten used to it too.

Beauty YouTuber James Charles has revealed that he was the victim of a swatting attack when police arrived at his home following a report of “bombs and hostages” when he was just 19 years old.

Inside story time TikTokCharles describes the article, published in September 2022, as ‘traumatic’.

In August 2022, YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed ​​was handcuffed by police officers after his house was swept away during a livestream. A day earlier, Twitch streamer Adin Ross had a similar experience.

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