Patricia Nash Designs Makes a Splash with the Arrival of Nature-Inspired Deep Blue Sea Collection of Handmade Bags, Wallets and Accessories

Patricia Nash Designs Makes a Splash with the Arrival of Nature-Inspired Deep Blue Sea Collection of Handmade Bags, Wallets and Accessories

Inspired by the Mystery of the Ocean, This Collection Reflects the Essence of the Sea with Bold Pieces Featuring Prints Rich Blues and the Greens

KNOXVILLE, TN, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Patricia Nash Designs (, a leading name in handmade bags and accessories, recently introduced its latest collection: deep blue sea. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing phenomena of shimmering sunlight scattered beneath ocean waves, Patricia designed this print as a vibrant celebration of nature. The collection’s signature pattern is overflowing with coral, sea grass and leaves in sumptuous shades of green and blue. From artistically designed totes that bridge the gap between luxury and comfort, to detachable crossbody bags with transformative top handles for versatility, to overnight duffel bags for on-the-go essentials, and chic scarves that elevate everyday looks, this collection offers something for everyone and every budget. Known for its accessible luxury, Patricia Nash Designs offers the essentials from the Deep Blue Sea collection at the following prices: $19 with $399It allows fashion lovers of all budgets to share in the glamorous underwater elegance.

“At Patricia Nash Designs, our pride and joy lies in our original, rich and bold patterns that capture the everyday beauty of life and nature,” she says Patricia NashPatricia Nash Designs CEO and Founder. “In a market full of luxury options, our Deep Blue Sea collection stands out by offering stylish and functional pieces that showcase the wonders of our oceans. The vibrant blue and green gemstone tones in this pattern make our new collection wearable year-round, while adding a touch of summery magic to any outfit. We are delighted by our endless commitment to expanding our collections and bringing our customers the unique, breathtaking designs that truly set us apart.”

The Deep Blue Sea Collection includes:

Verzi Tote ($249): Verzi is a large bag that can carry your daily essentials and is made of the famous luxury leather. Patricia Nash Adorned with a dark blue tassel and adjustable straps, the dazzling green and blue tones of this ocean pattern are sure to grab attention.

Marielle Top Handle Crossbody Bag ($249): A cult favorite from Patricia Nash Designs, the Marielle is the perfect mid-size bag for a day on the town, a glamorous night out, or maybe even the beach! Crafted from soft supple leather and supported by durable leather straps, this richly patterned bag will add a touch of sparkling sea foam to any outfit.

Square Scarf ($19): A vibrant square scarf will add a beautiful finishing touch to any outfit. Balancing both elegant and bold, this ascot will brighten up any look with its vibrant blue and green tones.

Shoppers can also discover organizational must-haves, such as: Odette Cosmetic Box And Ardenza Eyeglasses Box towards more unique, more unusual bags Noto Tote And Antica Frame Crossbody Bag With its signature Deep Blue Sea pattern.

Patricia Nash signature prints have gained popularity over the years, with many keeping a close eye on what original design will come next. Founded in 2010, Patricia Nash Designs is based on artisan craftsmanship and Patricia Nash The discovery of an old piece of jewelry in her mother’s closet inspired her to create luxurious, vintage-inspired leather goods that blend timeless elegance with modern functionality. Also drawing inspiration from nature, her travels, and other sources of daily wonder and discovery, Patricia Nash continues to wow its loyal customers with each release. From scarves to jewelry and of course, our iconic crossbody bags, totes and other bags, Patricia Nash Designs has something to offer everyone! Today, you can find Patricia Nash Designs products in major retailers nationwide. Dillard’s, Maybe And Macy’sIt is also featured on TV shopping networks such as HSN and QVC. The brand recently reached a major milestone by opening its flagship outlet store. Tanger Outlets Nashville.

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Inspired by the passion for discovery, Patricia Nash She weaves her extensive travels and precious memories into the fabric of her designs. After years of designing bags for other brands, Patricia founded Patricia Nash Designs in 2010, inspired by a vintage piece she discovered in her mother’s closet. Patricia enthusiastically states that design is her daily thrill, and infuses each piece with the essence of travel, memories, vintage charm, old-world craftsmanship and a deep family connection. Patricia Nash Designs stands as a testament to her dedication to creating timeless, detailed pieces that resonate with personal stories and reflect her love for the art of vintage-inspired memoirs.

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