Wimbledon: Lorenzo Musetti Will Be On Clouds As Roger Federer Comparisons Get Doubles Legend’s Confirmation

Wimbledon: Lorenzo Musetti Will Be On Clouds As Roger Federer Comparisons Get Doubles Legend’s Confirmation

Lorenzo Musetti On grass, fast action is a story of greatness! But let’s not forget Novak Djokovic’s mental toughness and Wimbledon record (seven-time winner)! Every tennis fan is waiting for the two to clash in the semi-finals at this year’s Wimbledon. Will Djokovic overcome Musetti’s Roger Federer-like flamboyant style? Hear Serena Williams’ former coach give his verdict before the match!

Even though Federer retired from tennis two years ago, his unbeaten mark at Wimbledon (he is an eight-time champion) will remain there forever, inspiring the next generation of players to follow in his footsteps. Especially on grass, his aggressive style and lightning-fast pace! Rennae Stubbs, Musetti is one of them. Racquet’s Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast, He emphasised that the 22-year-old player resembles the 20-time Grand Slam Champion’s fast pace on grass.

Sharing his views on Taylor Fritz’s performance, the 53-year-old former doubles player said: “Musetti has a really nice variety. It reminded me of watching Roger Federer on grass and why he’s so good.” But wait! As for his matches against Djokovic, according to statistics he has a 5-1 advantage over the Italian! Hinting at the secret behind Djokovic’s multiple victories over Musetti, Stubbs said:But I think the difference is that Novak Djokovic handles the variety. He can slice and get to the net too.”

Also Djokovic’s playing style and “a few extra days off” We can work against Musetti before the match. “He’s not afraid to play a little cat and mouse. Sometimes, like you said, his tail likes to hit him really big. So I think this is going to be a big uphill climb for Musetti. He’s going to feel great.”

Although he admitted to feeling it a year ago “loss” On grass, this season Lorenzo not only improved his grass winning record to 18-9, but also advanced to a Grand Slam semi-final for the first time. Also last year, Musetti admitted how he looked to Roger rather than Djokovic to learn his moves on grass. “I see Roger as the best ever on grass. Even the last few years of Djokovic, he’s done a great job. But my heart goes out to Federer because in a certain way, he reminds me of my game because I’m trying to imitate him.”

However, if Djokovic wins his 8th Grand Slam this season, he will equal Federer’s Wimbledon record and add another Grand Slam to his list of 24. So the stakes are high, and Musetti knows it. After his quarterfinal victory, he shared what he expects in his semifinal clash against Djokovic!

Musetti talks about himself “ambitious” Nature before the semi-final match at Wimbledon

“We know each other pretty well.” Musetti said of Djokovic: Lorenzo’s last victory over the Serb was in Monte Carlos 2023. More than a year has passed since then and Musetti knows that Djokovic is stepping into the place where he won his first Grand Slam at the age of 20! Still, the Italian tennis player is ready for the challenge.

“He’s probably better than me, he definitely knows the ground and the stadium. All joking aside, he’s a legend everywhere, but especially here at Wimbledon. It’s going to be one of the toughest fights on tour. But I’m an ambitious guy and I like to be challenged.”

Their clash on clay in the third round of this season’s French Open ended with Djokovic triumphing in a five-set match. But as they both prepare for the big day on grass, we’re all holding our breath to see who will prevail this time around, just like Stubbs!