New Scrappage Policy in Himachal: 15-Year-Old Vehicles Out, New Scrappage Centres In! | Auto News

New Scrappage Policy in Himachal: 15-Year-Old Vehicles Out, New Scrappage Centres In! | Auto News

Himachal Pradesh is set to implement a new policy from October to scrap vehicles older than 15 years, setting up 12 scrapping centres across the state. The initiative aims to reduce pollution and improve road safety, with those who scrap their old cars being offered significant discounts on new vehicle registrations.

Himachal Pradesh to Scrap 15-Year-Old Vehicles with New Policy from October


  • Himachal Pradesh will scrap all 15-year-old vehicles with 12 new scrapping centres from October.
  • The policy includes discounts of up to 50% on new vehicle registrations for those who scrap their old vehicles.
  • Comprehensive record keeping to ensure transparency and prevent reuse of old vehicle parts.

In a major move to modernise its vehicle fleet and reduce pollution, the Himachal Pradesh government has announced plans to scrap all vehicles older than 15 years. The new policy, which is set to be implemented from October, will see the establishment of 12 scrapping centres, one in each district of the state. The initiative is part of a larger effort to eliminate old and potentially dangerous vehicles from the roads.

Key Policy Details

Under the new policy, no spare parts from scrapped vehicles will be reused, ensuring that old and potentially dangerous components do not return to the roads. Comprehensive records of scrapped vehicles will be maintained to ensure transparency and compliance with the policy.

“The 15-year-old vehicles will be scrapped not just in Himachal Pradesh but across the country. The Registration Certificates (RC) of these vehicles are being cancelled in the state. We are in the process of opening scrap centres and the tender process for the same is currently on,” Transport Department Director DC Negi further explained.

The Ministry of Transport organised a workshop to inform the relevant parties about the new scrap policy. The workshop outlined the rules and conditions for opening scrap centres and ensured that the applicants were well prepared for the upcoming processes. The applications are currently being reviewed and the selected companies will be allocated work soon.

Incentives for Scrapping Old Vehicles

To encourage scrapping of old vehicles, the government has announced significant discounts on registration of new vehicles. Those who scrap non-commercial vehicles will get a 25% discount on registration of their new vehicles. For commercial vehicles, the discount will go up to 50%.

This policy aims to phase out old, less safe and more polluting vehicles from the roads of Himachal Pradesh, contributing to improved road safety and environmental health. The establishment of scrap yards is an important step in the effective and sustainable implementation of this policy, ensuring that old vehicles are disposed of responsibly and replaced with newer, more efficient models.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The Himachal Pradesh government believes that this initiative will help reduce pollution and maintain better road safety standards. Old vehicles often pose significant threats as their parts are reused, leading to safety and environmental concerns. By eliminating the reuse of these parts, the government aims to make vehicles on the roads safer and more reliable.

The tender process is expected to attract significant interest from businesses considering entering the vehicle scrap sector and is expected to boost the local economy. The policy comes into effect in October, with the government planning to closely monitor its implementation to ensure its success. Keeping comprehensive records of scrap vehicles will play a key role in allowing the government to monitor the process and make necessary adjustments.

Himachal Pradesh Vehicle Scrappage Policy: Brief Facts

Opinion Detail
Application Start Date October
Number of Scrap Centers 12 (one in each district)
Vehicles Suitable for Scrapping Vehicles older than 15 years
Reuse of Spare Parts Permission not granted
Discount on New Vehicle Registration 25% for non-commercial, 50% for commercial
Record keeping Comprehensive records are kept

Himachal Pradesh’s new vehicle scrappage policy is a major step towards modernising the vehicle fleet, reducing pollution and improving road safety. By setting up scrappage centres across the state and offering incentives to scrap old vehicles, the government aims to ensure a safer and cleaner environment for its residents.