How to Fix Disk Cleanup Stuck in Calculator in Windows 11

How to Fix Disk Cleanup Stuck in Calculator in Windows 11

Quick Fixes
  • Delete the contents of the ‘SoftwareDistribution’ and ‘Windows.old’ folders in the C drive and open Disk Cleanup again.
  • Clear all Windows temporary files using the Run dialog box and try opening the Disk Cleanup utility again.

Major Fixes

  • Clean boot Windows and run Disk Cleanup again: An installed software might be conflicting with the Disk Cleanup utility. Start your Windows 11 system in clean boot and turn it on again.
  • Update Windows 11Press Windows + I shortcut to open Settings, select Windows Update from the left sidebar and install any available system updates.

Fix 1: Cancel, restart your computer, and run Disk Cleanup again

Canceling and restarting Disk Cleanup will eliminate any glitches that are causing the calculation to hang.

Stage 1: Click To cancel Button used to terminate the running Disk Cleanup utility.

Step 2: Press Windows + X shortcut to open Power User Menu, select Close or log outand click Restart.

Stage 3: Finally press the Windows key and search Disk Cleanupand click to open.

Fix 2: Delete Contents from SoftwareDistribution Folder

The SoftwareDistribution folder contains Windows Update files. If they become corrupt, Windows Update and Disk Cleanup will fail. To fix this, delete the folder contents and try opening Disk Cleanup again.

Stage 1: Press the Windows + E shortcut to open File Explorer, open the drive containing the Windows installation files (for example, C drive) and Windows file.

Step 2: Find and open Software Distribution file.

Stage 3: Use Ctrl + A to select all the files and press Delete on your keyboard to remove them. Re-open the Disk Cleanup utility.

Fix 3: Delete Windows.old Folder

When you update Windows, the old version is stored in the Windows.old folder to allow for rollback. However, these files can create conflicts and lead to a vague ‘calculating’ message in Disk Cleanup. Manually remove them to fix the problem.

Stage 1: Open File Explorer using the Windows + E shortcut, select the Windows installation drive (for example C) and windows.old file.

Fly: If you can’t find the Windows.old folder, enable Hidden items from View > Show > Hidden items.

Step 2: To select all files and subfolders, press Ctrl + A, right-click and select To delete.

Fix 4: Manually Clean Up Temporary Windows Files

Excessive temporary files often cause problems running utilities like Disk Cleanup. Remove them using the Run dialog box to restore normalcy.

Stage 1: Press Windows + R shortcut to open Run dialog box, type %temporary%and press Enter to open the folder where the temporary files are located.

Step 2: Select all the files using the Ctrl + A shortcut and press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove them. Re-open the Disk Cleanup utility.

Fix 5: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Finally, run the built-in Windows Update troubleshooter to fix the Disk Cleanup stuck on calculating issue in Windows 11.

Stage 1: Open Windows Settings using Windows + I shortcut, select System from the sidebar and click Troubleshooting.

Step 2: choose Other troubleshooters.

Stage 3: Click To run Click next to Windows Update and wait a few seconds for Windows 11 to fix the problem.

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