Fans can’t believe Glen Powell’s Twisters is being compared to Tom Cruise’s $1.46 billion masterpiece

Fans can’t believe Glen Powell’s Twisters is being compared to Tom Cruise’s .46 billion masterpiece

Tom Cruise’s Best Weapon: Maverick one of the best movies to come out in recent times and watching it in the cinema was a hell of an experience. Both adrenaline and emotions were at an all time high and we were on the edge of our seats for half the movie. Remember when Maverick and Goose died and Glen Powell’s Hangman showed up to save the day? We all collectively let out a breath we didn’t know we were holding. Basically, the movie was a 10/10 experience.

In a frame of Tom Cruise Best Weapon: Maverick | Paramount Pictures

After that Independent, Glen Powell seems to be becoming a Hollywood heartthrob as his career soars. Soon Lee Isaac Chung Hurricanes will be released in just a few days. While the trailer is pretty good, fans initially believed that the disaster movie would be nothing out of the ordinary. However, they may need to reconsider their stance because Hurricanes Now compared Independent.

Glen Powell’s ‘‘Hurricanes’ on a roll

Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos and Glen Powell Hurricanes (2024) | Universal Pictures

Hurricanes It currently has a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from 21 reviews, which is significantly higher than OG Hurricane‘s 63%, at least for now. While fans initially didn’t have high hopes for the film, thinking it would be just another disaster movie added to the many disaster movies already out there, they were blown away by the critics’ reviews.

With just a few days left until the film’s release, the Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell-starring film has been receiving rave reviews left and right. From the action to the story to the actors’ performances, critics can’t stop praising everything.

IndependentClarisse Loughrey gave Hurricanes He gave it four stars out of five and wrote that the film will be released in 2024. “This would have happened if Furiosa hadn’t decided to go under an oil tanker two months ago.” Second best is pretty great too, right? “compassionate, rational heroes” Before I add, let me add this: “The strength runs through your bones.”

Empire Magazine And Total Movies Both gave the film four out of five stars. The first one said the film “very successful in action” the second one wrote this Hurricanes better than its predecessor. In the words of Total Film’s Jamie Graham,

Twisters outshines Jan de Bont’s original tempestuous blockbuster in terms of scale while keeping things chillingly engrossing. You’ll emerge bruised and battered, and probably hoping we don’t come back for another 28 years.

Collider I give this a score of 8 out of 10. “satisfactory sequel to the original” and praised the actors for their performances “charismatic performances.”

But the best review seems to come from: Telegram Giving the film 5/5 stars and comparing it to Tom Cruise’s 2022 blockbuster, Best Weapon: Maverick, a movie made $1.46 billion at the box office. Film critic Robbie Collin wrote: Hurricanes is-is “The best cinematic experience since Top Gun: Maverick” and have ““One of the most inspiring action scenes you’ve seen in years.”

Well, since then IndependentDirector Joseph Kosinski was responsible for the film’s story. Hurricanes, We’re not too surprised here.

Fans Pleasantly Surprised by the Result

A square Hurricanes | Universal Pictures

Fans were surprised to learn that the upcoming film was rated so highly by critics everywhere, as many initially believed the reviews would be mediocre at best. Fans also praised Powell for firing up the show lately with one great performance after another.

Check out what fans are saying about the early reviews of the film:

Well, in just a few days, fans will see for themselves whether the film is really worth all the incredible reviews. And now that such hype has been created, especially Independent, I can’t help but wonder what this means for us. Hurricanes‘ box office revenue.

Hurricanes It will be in theaters on July 19, 2024. Meanwhile, the streaming Best Weapon: Maverick On Paramount+.