The Top Fuel is a fast trail bike that’s more capable and forgiving than an XC bike, but lighter and more agile than a longer-distance bike. Its light weight keeps the legs fresh, while its enduro-inspired geometry and ample suspension travel make it fun to tackle wild descents.

This is what some still call our “downcountry” bike, but we’ve made some improvements to keep it competitive


– Riders who prioritize pedaling efficiency and lightness but want more confidence on descents
– Experienced riders looking for a faster, more fun ride
– Occasional XC racers who ride mostly recreational trails
– Drivers on less aggressive terrain

Again, the character of the bike and therefore the rider hasn’t really changed. This could be someone who just wants to try something different from a long-travel bike and interact more with the terrain, or it could be a traditionally XC-focused rider looking for a more capable ride, and of course, it’s perfect for places with gentler terrain like here in the Midwest.

What’s up?
1. Lighter frame (~220g)
2. Improved internal frame storage
3. 4 position Mino Connection
4. Size specific chain stay length
5. Compatible with MX wheels and longer stroke shocks

Lighter = Faster
– Frame is approximately 220g lighter than previous generation (alloy and carbon)
– Same travel, more features, less weight

How did we lose weight?

– More efficient tube shapes – smaller profiles and softer edges offer an improved starting point for applying laminates. We took inspiration and knowledge from the Gen 2 Supercaliber project to reduce weight through tube shaping.

Reduced chassis rigidity – this not only improved the ride quality of the bike (more stable and forgiving than the 3rd Gen), but also allowed us to reduce weight.

Improved storage door
– Tighter seal
– Bigger opening
– Cables are more protected (no bags to get in the way)
– A better experience overall

Improved BITS bag system
– Available on all MY25 bikes with any storage door
– Two bag systems: One padded for tools, one unpadded for tubing
– Carbon bikes come with both bags; alloy bikes come with one padded tool bag
– More consistent size and shape regardless of content
– Both bags are available aftermarket

Similar Geometry
– Head Tube Angle: 65.5 degrees (previous 66)
– Effective Seat Post Angle: 76 degrees (same)
– Range: 447mm at medium level (same)
– Wheel size: 29” (Small size: 27.5” front and rear)
– Improved dropper placement – ​​Most M drivers can fit a 170mm dropper. Most XL drivers can fit a 200mm dropper.
– Size-specific chain tongs

Size specific chainstay length
– Balanced use for all frame sizes
– Keeps weight centered between wheels
– Shorter drivers have more maneuverability
– Taller riders have better control of the front wheel
– Previous 3rd Generation Top Fuel – 435 mm in all dimensions
– S & M – 435mm
– ML and L – 440mm
– XL – 445mm
– Since the chainstay length is achieved via the bottom bracket placement, replacement chainstay parts are the same across all frame sizes.

More versatile and adaptable
– Compatible with forks up to 140 mm
– Compatible with longer 185×55 shocks
– Gain 10mm more rear travel
– Stock shock 185×50
– Compatible with 27.5 inch rear wheel
– Requires 140mm fork and Mino High

The Top Fuel can also be made lighter with a 120mm fork and lighter parts. Riders looking to bridge the gap between the Supercaliber and stock Top Fuel setup will appreciate this option. The TFR XC could try this build for the toughest XC trails.

4 position Mino Connection
– Same geometry setup as before
– Now with leverage adjustment
– Adjust geometry and leverage independently

The vertical position of the lower shock bolt determines the geometry setting. It comes stock in the low setting. The horizontal position of the lower shock bolt determines the leverage ratio setting. It comes in the less progressive forward position. This setting works great for most riders using air shocks.

  1. Low geographic and Less progressive (stock)
  2. Highly geographical and less progressive
  3. Low geographic and More progressive
  4. Higher geographic and More progressive

Suspension Kinematics
– It was already pretty set up. Minor adjustments from before.
– Leverage was 13.5%, now 14%. More trail focused.
– Adjustable up to 19% (more progressive)

Suspension Kinematics
– It was already pretty set up. Minor adjustments from before.
– Slightly higher anti-squat for better acceleration

MY25 Top Fuel Gen 4 Line

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