“I felt like I was in good company” – 98KUPD – Arizona’s Real Rock

“I felt like I was in good company” – 98KUPD – Arizona’s Real Rock

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During Belief‘s golden age, soloist Scott Stapp often compared Eddie Vedderalthough not in a good way. Critics dismiss the Creed as: Pearl Jam He said that he had cheated and would accuse Stapp specifically of imitating Vedder’s singing style.

Decades later, Stapp now takes those comments seriously.

“Hey, they said the same thing Darius Rucker” says Stapp Guitar World“Before you call me a knock-off of Eddie Vedder, he was a knock-off of Eddie Vedder.”

“I felt like I was in good company and honored by the compliment,” he adds.

Overall, the cultural perception around Creed seems to have changed since they topped the charts with hits like “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open.” Once a staple on “most hated band” lists, Creed are now selling out shows on a reunion tour, appearing in Super Bowl commercials, and receiving praise from acclaimed artists like SZA.

“I’ve always said Creed got along well with the fans,” Stapp says. “The critics and the media painted this narrative that doesn’t reflect 95 percent of the population.”

“You can’t sell millions of records and sell out arenas more than once if you’re not cool,” he continues. “The media came up with the idea because we were so big, and that wasn’t the story they wanted to push. But it’s about the people, not the press.”

Creed’s reunion tour kicks off on July 17 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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