D-Fend Solutions announces EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2

D-Fend Solutions announces EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2

The newly updated D-Fend Solutions’ EnorceAir2 software includes improvements to the user interface, API and other aspects of the platform.

RA’ANANA, Israel and MCLEAN, Va.—D-Fend Solutions, a developer of radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, non-kinetic, non-jamming, counter-drone takeover technology, announced the release of EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2, which includes all upgrades to the system since the product was introduced last year. This new software release includes significant upgrades to the software’s capabilities and builds on the proven C-UAS power, performance, portability and range.

EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2 includes a number of advanced improvements introduced so far this year, including new user interface (UI) features, expanded detection and mitigation coverage, and improved capabilities for deployment on maritime vessels.

“Given the rapid advances we are seeing in drone and UAV technology around the world, it is important that EnforceAir2 equips our customers with the most advanced counter-UAV capabilities possible while maintaining simplicity of operation,” said Yaniv Benbenisti, president and chief product officer of EnforceAir2. D-Fend Solutions“Groundbreaking innovations such as the AI-based mitigation engine and degraded GNSS environment mode provide significant advantages for safely protecting against threats posed by commercially available drones and custom-built drones used maliciously or irresponsibly.”

A Closer Look at EnforceAir2 Version 24.04.2 Updates

D-Fend highlights some of the improvements provided by version 24.04.2, listing the updates currently offered by the software as follows:

UI Improvements:

The user interface of EnforceAir2 now offers:

  • An AI-based mitigation engine that recommends appropriate drone mitigation options for each drone to simplify operator mission-critical decisions in real-time.

  • Direct user interface integration that associates drone tickets with a map display of the drone location increases situational awareness when dealing with drone swarms.

  • Version 24.04.2 includes new graphical representation of threat level and possible pilot intentions.

  • D-Fend says the software provides quick, one-click access to detailed drone information to allow operators to examine specific features to assess a drone’s threat level.

Upgraded API:

Application Programming Interface (API) upgrades for EnforceAir2 version 24.04.2 include:

  • Enhanced support for real-time information exchange with external command and control (C2) systems.

  • Additional feeds to the EnforceAir2 SDR to facilitate tagging of large numbers of authorized drones for control airspaces where thousands of drones primarily operate.

Advanced Vessel Deployment Capabilities:

Updates for EnforceAir2 maritime deployments include:

  • It supports multiple sensors placed on a moving platform using D-Fend’s MSC2 technology.

  • Improved mobile C-UAS plans.

  • According to the company’s version 24.04.2, the warship operation area map is offered with a dynamic update feature.

Degraded GNSS Mode:

With the 24.04.2 update, the system now provides:

In addition to these software enhancements, D-Fend Solutions has significantly expanded the drone detection and mitigation coverage of EnforceAir2 with the addition of several additional drone models.

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