Genius Sports Stock: An In-Depth Look at Analyst Perspectives (5 Reviews)

Genius Sports Stock: An In-Depth Look at Analyst Perspectives (5 Reviews)

Over the last three months, 5 analysts have shared their views on Genius Sports (NYSE:GENI), expressing a range of views from bullish to bearish.

The chart below provides a condensed view of their latest ratings, showcasing changing sentiment over the past 30 days and comparing them to previous months.

Bull A little bit of bull Indifferent A Little Bear Bear
Total Points 4 one 0 0 0
Last 30D one 0 0 0 0
1M Ago one 0 0 0 0
2M Ago 0 0 0 0 0
3M First 2 one 0 0 0

Analyst reviews of 12-month price targets provide additional insight, showing an average price target of $8.7, with a high estimate of $9.00 and a low estimate of $7.50. This current average reflects a 0.35% increase from the previous average price target of $8.67.

Interpreting Analyst Ratings: A Closer Look

A comprehensive look at how financial experts perceive Genius Sports is derived from recent analyst actions. Below is a detailed summary of key analysts, their recent evaluations, and adjustments to their ratings and price targets.

Analyst Analyst Firm Action Taken Evaluation Current Price Target Previous Price Target
Bernie McTernan Need Protects To buy $9.00 $9.00
Jason Bazinet Citi Group Announcements To buy $9.00
Bernie McTernan Need Protects To buy $9.00 $9.00
Jordan Bandar JMP Securities Increases Market Outperforms $9.00 $8.00
Ben Miller Altinman Sachs Announcements To buy $7.50

Basic knowledge:

  • Action Taken: In response to changing market dynamics and company performance, analysts update their recommendations. Whether they ‘Hold’, ‘Raise’ or ‘Reduce’ their stance indicates their response to recent developments regarding Genius Sports. This provides insight into analysts’ perspectives on the current state of the company.
  • Evaluation: Analysts gain insights and provide qualitative ratings ranging from ‘Outperform’ to ‘Underperform.’ These ratings reflect expectations for Genius Sports’ relative performance compared to the broader market.
  • Price Targets: Analysts provide estimates of the future value of Genius Sports stock, providing insights into price targets. This comparison reveals trends in analyst expectations over time.

Analyzing these analyst ratings along with relevant financial metrics can provide a comprehensive view of Genius Sports’ market position. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with the help of our Ratings Table.

Stay informed with Genius Sports analyst ratings.

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About Genius Sports

Genius Sports Ltd is a B2B provider of scalable, technology-driven products and services to the sports, sports betting and sports media industries. Its services are organized into three core product areas: Sports Technology & Services; Betting Technology, Content & Services; and Media Technology, Content & Services. All of its products are powered by proprietary technology and robust data infrastructure. It generates maximum revenue from the Betting Technology, Content & Services segment. Geographically, the company generates most of its revenue from Europe.

Key Indicators: Financial Health of Genius Sports

Market Value Perspectives: The company’s market capitalization is below industry averages, indicating a relatively smaller size compared to its peers. This positioning can be influenced by factors such as perceived growth potential or operational scale.

Income increase: Genius Sports has shown positive results in 3 months. As of March 31, 2024, the company has achieved a solid revenue growth rate of approximately 23.13%This shows a significant increase in the company’s top-line earnings. When compared to its industry peers, the company stands out with a higher than average growth rate among its peers in the Consumer Discretionary sector.

Net Profit Margin: Genius Sports’ net profit margin is below industry standards, indicating difficulties in achieving strong profitability. With net profit margin -21.33%, The company may face difficulties in effective cost control.

Return on Equity (ROE): Genius Sports’s ROE lags behind industry averages, indicating difficulties in maximizing returns on equity. -4.55%, The company may face obstacles in achieving optimum financial performance.

Return on Assets (ROA): Genius Sports’ ROA is below industry standards, indicating difficulties in using assets efficiently. -3.36%, The company may face difficulties in generating satisfactory returns on its assets.

Debt management: Genius Sports’ debt-to-equity ratio is below the industry average 0.02It shows a decreasing dependence on debt financing and a more conservative financial approach.

The Basics of Analyst Ratings

Benzinga tracks 150 analyst firms and reports on stock expectations. Analysts typically arrive at their conclusions by estimating how much money a company will make in the future, typically in the next five years, and how risky or predictable that company’s revenue streams are.

Analysts attend company conference calls and meetings, research company financials, and communicate with insiders to issue their ratings on stocks. Analysts typically rate each stock quarterly or when the company makes a significant update.

Some analysts publish their estimates for metrics such as growth estimates, earnings, and revenue to provide additional guidance along with their ratings. When using analyst ratings, it is important to remember that stock and industry analysts are human too and are only offering their opinions to investors.

If you want to keep track of which analysts are performing better than others, you can view current analyst ratings along with analyst success scores on Benzinga Pro.

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