2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Best in Class by a Country Mile

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Best in Class by a Country Mile

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Let’s get this out of the way right away: If you’re looking to buy a Tesla Model Y, go for it. It’s got a lot going for it and is a popular choice. But if you want a better vehicle with more luxury features, controls that aren’t a tablet stuck to your dashboard, and a better warranty, you should consider the Genesis GV60 Performance AWD.

The GV60 is in the most popular automotive segment today. It is a battery electric crossover hatchback. In the automotive world, segments overlap and this is one of the few segments that is currently receiving a lot of attention. We will present our views on the GV60 Performance as a vehicle and also as a battery electric vehicle. We will not keep you waiting; it is one of the best in both aspects.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Does It Exist?
Many great electric vehicles are the stuff of dreams. The automotive media hypes them, but they’re not actually for sale or are in very small numbers. We checked the availability of the 2024 GV60 near Metro Boston and found dozens of them in stock at local dealerships, ready for immediate delivery. We called and specifically asked for the VIN numbers on some of them so we could make sure the online inventory matched the physical inventory on the lot, and it was. Our specific examples were GV60 Performance AWD models. So yes, the GV60 Performance is a real vehicle available for purchase. At least in Metro Boston.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – How Much Does It Cost?
The consumer cost of the examples we found in stock, excluding the dealer documentation fee, was $71,950. At the time this story was published, dealers in our area were also offering $7,500 rebates.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Is It Really A Performance Car?
Yes, the GV60 Performance AWD delivers on its promise. It has over 500 lb-ft of torque and accelerates like a football. We don’t usually pay much attention to 0-60 MPH times, but this is a high-performance model, so we’ll tell you this. Motor Trend They report that they’ve observed a 0-60 MPH time of 3.6 seconds. We believe it. The thing is crazy fast.

The GV60 Performace even has a Boost button on the steering wheel, a quick and easy way to prep the car for a burst of speed. We like this MUCH better than a Sport Mode. It’s not launch control. Instead, it gets the car ready to run at any speed and in any situation.

We haven’t tracked down the GV60 Performace AWD, but we felt it handled corners and turns well at speeds that wouldn’t cause arrest on public roads. The brakes are good, but not great for sports cars. Like all BEVs, it’s very heavy, so the car feels great in normal driving, but we’d expect it to go crazy chicken when asked to behave like a race car. We doubt zero Genesis buyers will be tracking this vehicle. On public roads, it offers more performance than any sane buyer could possibly put to good use.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Why We LOVE IT.
The GV60 is one of this reviewer’s favorite vehicles overall. I’d list it alongside the Mazda Miata, Toyota GR86, and Dodge Challenger/Charger as vehicles I’d want to get in and drive. It’s just as fun and satisfying. Now, keep in mind, it doesn’t have a personality like the other three. It’s comfortable, a great everyday vehicle, and a downright luxury car. It’s also incredibly fast if you feel the itch needs to be scratched.

We like the little things Genesis has done. For example, the seat controls on the side of the driver-facing front passenger seat. These are very useful and I used them most days. They allow you to be a gentle parent and pull the seat forward if a child is going to sit in the back, or be a gentleman and pull the seat back if the front passenger is going to sit in that seat.

The gear selector is the best in the world. It’s a rotary knob but also a sphere of wonder. It’s crystal and shines at night. Genesis leaves all other brands behind here.

The seats are great. Heated. Cooled. Massaged (sort of). Made of high quality real leather, not fake green plastic or hemp. They are also very comfortable and sized to fit real adults.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Two Ways It Could Be Better
This nearly perfect car is missing two things.

1) It does not have a spare wheel.

2) It has wired Android Auto.

Add a spare, make the AA wireless and this thing is as perfect as can be imagined.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Living Electric
The GV60 uses modern EV technology to charge as fast as the fastest production BEVs. In our tests, it charged faster than any other vehicle on DC fast chargers and can add energy from an L2 charger at 10.9 kW. The official DC fast charging spec is 350 kW (in the middle of the charging curve). It can’t get any better than that in 2024.

The EPA range is 235 miles, which is short for this segment. However, in our tests in extreme temperatures in the 90F range, it appeared to be close to or exceed that value. We observed an estimated total range of 258 miles, and the miles covered seemed to match that. Would we buy this vehicle for long highway trips in the winter? No. We would buy a hybrid like the Toyota Venza instead. But that’s not your second If your vehicle is a long-range model like a hybrid, why should you worry about range? Especially since the charging time is best in class? We’d also like to point out that there’s a RWD version of this vehicle with an EPA-rated range of 294 miles, but we haven’t tested it.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance AWD – Closing Remarks
If you’re a Tesla fan, you’ll see nothing but reasons not to like the Genesis GV60. However, if you’re not a Tesla fan, take a look at the GV60 Performance AWD Drive to see if it falls into your budget range. It’s a great vehicle with one of the best warranties in the world, covering ten years or 100,000 miles. Genesis even includes the first three years of maintenance and offers concierge service. If you’re looking for the best luxury-performance crossover BEV from the company with the best ownership package, you’ve found it.

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