Change Movement on the Porch

Change Movement on the Porch

Movement for Change founder Brandon Chiles joined the patio of Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages on Thursday to discuss his organization’s mission to help the homeless community both physically and spiritually.

“Our organization is made up of various charities that come together to form the body of Christ. We focus on loving others rather than judging them,” Chiles said. “The movement is not about changing others; it’s about working on ourselves to be better examples for the people we want to influence.”

Chiles explained how the Movement for Change began four years ago when he was working as a courier.

“God called to me while I was doing DoorDash and said, ‘Feed My People,’” he said. That divine inspiration came 20 years after a life-changing motorcycle accident that left Chiles with a distinctive voice and multiple injuries. At the time of the accident, Chiles was ranked sixth in the nation as a bodybuilder and weeks away from earning his pro card.

Despite serious injuries, including collapsed lungs and multiple broken ribs, Chiles survived thanks to his physical conditioning. The experience strengthened his belief and commitment to helping others.

“My wife and I started with $35 worth of food — sandwich meat, bread, chips, snacks and water. We fed people, and it brought joy to our hearts,” Chiles said. The next day, Chiles’s spiritual mother called and asked about his ministry aspirations. Hearing of his desire to feed the homeless, she made a $500 donation.

“Since then, people have prayed for us constantly and God’s support has brought everyone together,” Chiles added.

Two years ago, Chiles had dreamed of combining various relief efforts that feed the homeless, which sometimes felt competitive. “There is no competition with God,” he said.

Movement for Change can be found on Facebook, where individuals can join the cause and stay up to date on events. Their next event is scheduled for September 28th.

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