Substance trailer aims to show you your perfect self

Substance trailer aims to show you your perfect self

In an age where social media and mainstream media portray the “perfect” image of women, Coralie Fargeat’s new body horror novel puts a twisted and bloody spin on the concept.

Mubi The stylistically ostentatious yet disturbing trailer for Coralie Fargeat’s new body horror film has been released. ArticleThe film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month, receiving enthusiastic initial responses and an 11-minute standing ovation, as well as media attention for appearances by Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley. full frontal nudityIt earned its rating from the Motion Picture Association rating board. Article voted R for contains strong bloody violence, gory scenes, explicit nudity and language.

The press release for the new film includes the following statements:
Have you ever dreamed of being a better version of yourself?
You. You’re just better in every way.
You should definitely try this product: The Substance.
It changed my life.

Demi Moore gives the best performance of her career as Elisabeth Sparkle, a woman abruptly fired by former A-list celebrity and fitness studio boss Harvey (Dennis Quaid).

Then she is drawn to the opportunity presented by a mysterious new drug: SUBSTANCE. All it takes is one injection and she is temporarily reborn as gorgeous, twentysomething Sue (Margaret Qualley).

The only rule? The time has to be divided: a full week on one body, then a week on the other. No exceptions. A perfect balance. What could go wrong?

Wildly funny and ruthlessly satirical, Coralie Fargeat’s Cannes sensation subverts toxic beauty culture with a be-careful-what-you-wish-for tale for the ages. Explosive, provocative and twisted, THE SUBSTANCE marks the arrival of a thrillingly visionary filmmaker.”

The film’s star, Demi Moore, recently described the project as one that helped her restart her career after experiencing doubts. “What I loved was that this rich, complex and challenging role allowed me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and ultimately feel like I was discovering and growing, not just as an actor but as a person.” So what is Demi Moore hoping for? Article So where is his career headed? “If there’s any hope, it’s really to get back involved in some way. I feel like I took a real step back for a long time and really questioned whether I needed to do this. That was part of waking myself up.”

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